Julie Buzzelli
Reviewed on Google – 2016

My husband and I (David Ross) used Italian Kitchen to cater our recent wedding (July 17, 2016) as well as had them make our wedding cake. First of all – Zac (the baker) is an AMAZING artist and created such a beautiful cake, exactly as I had envisioned – but he also went the extra step and made 2 matching cup cakes for my husband and I! The cake was such a work of art that more than one of our guests asked us if it was real. LOL! Every single one of our guests came to tell us personally how delicious the food was and how incredibly ‘nice’ and professional our servers were. (Robert and another very nice gentleman whose name I forgot sorry!) The servers were on top of EVERYTHING and would not let us lift a finger! They were so kind and helpful. So many guests asked where this great food and beautiful cake came from (even though the young men had on Italian Kitchen shirts) because they were so pleased with the food. We had planned to have much more food than we needed, just in case – and at the end there was very little left! Many guests asked to take some home because it was that good!

A HUGE thank you to the staff at Italian Kitchen and a VERY special thank you to master baker Zac – what a talented young man! And thanks again to Robert & our other server – you guys ROCK!!! You helped to make our day perfect!

Stephanie Miller Walsh – Salem, NJ
Reviewed on Facebook – 6/25/2017

After a week of recuperating I finally can sit down and write a huge Thank You post to Italian Kitchen. I want to start with the catering coordinator Kristen – you were amazing from start to finish. You took your time to go over everything with me to make sure it was exactly what I wanted. I’m originally from Philadelphia and I have some hard critics in the family when it comes to food. I will get back to that statement in a minute. Second I want to say thank you to your husband and son for doing such an amazing job on the pig roast. After thanking the little piggy for giving his life up for us to enjoy him at the party, I must say your husband cooked him to perfection. The meat just fell off the bone. At the end of the night we only had 1 small pan left of Wilbur. Finally please forgive me but I had forgotten the name of our server that stayed till the end of the night. I never received so many compliments on one person my whole life and I have been in the catering business for over 20 years. That man worked his butt off to make sure everything was full and perfect through the whole night. He cleaned up everything to perfection he was courteous and I hardly knew he was there but everything was perfect as we needed it. I will definitely request him for our next party. You guys all did an amazing job and I am so happy that I chose Italian Kitchen to cater my daughter’s graduation party. I definitely would suggest without a doubt that if anyone is looking for catering to call you guys. Back to the statement of me having food critics in the family. Absolutely every single person that stepped foot in our yard that day had something positive to say about the food and or the service. I even had one of my uncles asked me if you would consider catering in Philadelphia. You guys definitely left a positive impression on everyone at the party. Thank you again for doing an outstanding job. With great appreciation and forever customers the Walsh’s.

Italian Kitchen

339 North Hook Road
Pennsville, NJ 08070

Mon-Fri ~ 5:30a – 10p
Sat & Sun ~ 7a – 10p
Hot Bar: M-F ~ 11a – 8p
Delivery ~ 8a – 4p daily

Roman Pantry

447 Harding Highway
Carneys Point, NJ 08069

Mon-Fri ~ 6a – 10p
Sat & Sun ~ 7a – 10p

Roman Pantry is pickup only! NO DELIVERY.

bgtg2 – NJ
Reviewed on Trip Advisor – 4/10/2017

Best subs in town! The Italian Kitchen and honestly I think they have the best subs in town! The “small” was close to the size of a large sub anywhere else and it was literally packed with meat and cheese. Two of us were able to share a small American sub and chips and were completely satisfied. We haven’t tried the cheese steaks yet but I have a feeling they won’t disappoint. We’ve been to many events that were catered by the Italian Kitchen and the food has always been great. Definitely worth a stop when you’re in the area.

Robert Langan
Reviewed on Google – 2009

This place is like a convenience store with a kitchen, except the food is absolutely delicious. I am hooked on the cheese steak pies and the cannolis (which are sometimes chocolate dipped) are also very good. Combine this with their low prices and I think I.K. has a pleasant, successful, and best of all locally owned business. It must be noted that Italian Kitchen/Roman Pantry are suitable for Bruce Willis, who believes that this place has the best cheese steaks on the planet.

CyndyandByron – Bridgeton, NJ
Reviewed on Trip Advisor – 3/18/2017

Expanded location. This small deli and restaurant has grown since we were there last. It needed to grow because it is so well loved it is sometimes pretty crowded around meal times. New entry way, larger eat-in area, and better arrangement of floor space based on a centralized cashier area. The great sandwiches are still the same, but we think they are getting even bigger. So much meat on the cheese steak! Nothing can compare. The traditional offering of Italian pastries was changed to Irish favorites in honor of St. Patrick’s day when we visited this time.Cute leprechaun and pot of gold cupcakes tantalized us! We always include this establishment on our agenda if we are anywhere Delaware Memorial Bridge.

Darryl T. – Eugene, OR
Reviewed on Yelp – 5/12/2017

I am from the West Coast, and this is the type of East Coast Italian deli that I hear transplants out there yearn about missing. The sandwiches are the best I have ever had. I ordered the 10 size, and it was enough for two eatings. I will never be able to eat at Subway again! Not that I ate there anyway. The Spaghetti was great, and the Cannoli was just as I imagined it would be.

As rarely as I get to this area, I will always make a special trip here, as I found them on Yelp! Excellent, respectful customer service also, and very fairly priced. Thank you, Italian Kitchen.

Terps007 – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Reviewed on Trip Advisor – 10/9/2017


WOW – Been to this restaurant four times before this review. All four visits were great and the food outstanding. The eggplant is great and they give very large portions. In the last 10 days ordered the steak and cheese, fries, chicken and deserts all were very good. Do yourself a favor and visit this place great food for the same price as fast food.

Marc L. – Ocean Park, ME
Reviewed on Yelp – 11/5/2016

Amazing sandwiches, salads and breakfasts. Tonight was a very large chef salad loaded with meats, cheeses, egg, pickled peppers, tomatoes, onions, plus croutons. This is a meal for 3 people. The other sandwich is their amazing cheesesteak sub. Very hard to finish the 10″ sub. Go there as fast as you can. Always a stop on our way to Ocala, FL.

Susan J
Reviewed on Trip Advisor – 5/3/2017

You won’t be disappointed. This place is a great place to pick up fresh lunchmeat, cakes, breads or if you don’t feel like cooking, cheesesteaks and hoagies. They also have decent breakfast sandwiches. I love the fact that their lunchmeat and cheeses are always fresh and they have a nice selection of Italian cold cuts and cheeses. The prices are affordable for everything, even their catering. Their rolls and cakes are baked right on the premises, so you can’t get any fresher than that! I highly recommend a visit to Italian Kitchen if you are in the area.

Joan Davis
Reviewed on Google – September 2017

I discovered this little jewel after a friend recommended it. I stop every time I am in the area. Small seating area as well as a small parking lot. Easy access on and off 295 just before Delaware memorial bridge. Pizza, wraps, turnovers with chicken and broccoli. Check it out you will not be disappointed!

Karen Costa
Reviewed on Facebook – 8/20/2017

The cake you made for my daughter’s graduation party was outstanding! Vanilla cake with Choc Chips and Buttercream Icing! I brought in a picture I found on Pinterest and you made it to look exactly the same! We also loved the Fried Chicken, Sub Tray and Breakfast sandwiches (for next day)! You guys are the best and your staff is amazing!

Jack Kraemer
Reviewed on Google – October 2017

First stop in, last stop out when visiting Home! Always get a Travel Hoagie for the in laws on the way back! Always excellent!

Marc Meeuwissen
Reviewed on Google – September 2017

Great little pit stop with a deli and tons of hot and cold options. Support this family owned business.

Vallie Sams
Reviewed on Google – June 2017

Great food. Wonderfully priced. There’s a small eat in area. But mostly take out. You can order ahead and pick it up.

Sandra Johnson
Reviewed on Google – 2013

WOW!!! I called to have 2 large Italian Hoagies and 2 Large Cheese steaks to go and Packed for travel. It was more than I expected. Rolls were very fresh and everything else with it. Packed perfectly!! A native to NJ I needed to bring them home here in NC. Working for UPS 20 years ago. I would stop in and get Lunch. 20 years later STILL GREAT! They were awesome!!! Thank you!!

1950Adventurers – Salem, NJ
Reviewed on Trip Advisor – 3/18/2017

Super Delish! I stop every time I go by. Home made soups are the BOMB. Fresh made sandwiches, steaks, salads, pizza are soooo good. They even sell Italian bread, Olive oil, and basic grocery items. Their bakery items are DELISH. You’re in and out quickly and they never disappoint in their food menu items. Staff is very friendly and accommodating. Need a Birthday Cake for someone special. Check out their designs. Cakes are super good! From the time you arrive until you depart… You smell the Italian cooking throughout the store!!!

Greg Gibbs
Reviewed on Facebook – 9/2/2016

Made my first visit here today…I’m from Illinois here working…As I was walking up to the door a gentleman was helping a customer to their car with their order….he opened the door for me…saw I had a Chicago Cubs hat and shirt on and struck up a conversation with me about the Cubs and wished them luck…we talked a couple minutes, he made me feel very welcome….a lady I suspect that was one of their regular customers said sir….I heard you say this is your first time here….I just wanted to make sure you knew where to order….what a great experience…..and hands down the best Philly Cheese steak I’ve ever had!!!
Thank you for the service and food!! I will be back!

Scotty ST
Reviewed on Google – 2015

This is a great roadside stop for anyone driving north or south on 95. The staff is friendly and were a great help with deciding what to buy. If you are a large group of people, for example a family of 4, I would buy one 20in sub and split it. The 10in sub can also be split among 2 people. I ordered a 20in Philly cheese steak with onions. The cheese steak was fantastic. My friends and I were completely full and we split this 4 ways. The whoopy pie is worth getting, it was the perfect desert. Fair prices and great food.

Reviewed on Trip Advisor –  9/13/2017

Fantastic Food & Very Generous Portions

Wow, I’m so glad this restaurant was nearby our hotel. We were tired and hungry after 9 hours driving and stopped for take-out. My small meatball sub was large enough to share and tasted excellent. My husband’s large roast beef sub was HUGE – about 15 inches and packed with toppings. He saved 1/2 of it for lunch the following day. I was impressed by all of the wonderful baked goods, about ten types of cakes, many pastries, pies, cookies, etc.

The eclairs and cannolis we selected for dessert were delicious! If we pass through Pennsville on our return home trip… we’ll definitely stop at the Italian Kitchen.

Liz Farnkopf Raleigh – Pennsville, NJ
Reviewed on Facebook – 1/6/2017

I was married on December 30 and ordered a small wedding cake and cupcake tiers. They were both exquisitely decorated and went beyond my expectations! Beautiful to look at and tasted great! I got many compliments! Thank you for an amazing job!!!
The eclairs and cannolis we selected for dessert were delicious! If we pass through Pennsville on our return home trip… we’ll definitely stop at the Italian Kitchen.

Gerald Long
Reviewed on Facebook – 8/6/2017

I grew up in Penns Grove, live just outside DC now but ALWAYS stop and grab subs and a cheesesteak pie every time I’m up. I work at the US Capital and hook my coworkers up with lunch every time I visit Jersey….if I say I’m going to Jersey, they know it’s coming back with me!

Krysten Ayars – Salem, NJ
Reviewed on Facebook – 9/18/2017

Italian Kitchen is amazing!! We ordered party pizzas, a Monters Inc. sheet cake, and a monster “smash cake” for my sons birthday party. Everyone kept saying how great everything looked and even better tasting. Thanks Italian Kitchen staff for helping to make Roman’s First Birthday such a success!!

William Richardson
Reviewed on Google – October 2016

Great food service and staff. Prices are reasonable and their specials are excellent. enough Bakery products to satisfy anyone’s palate. A very large catering menu which I have used many times. One of the better operations in town.

Dennis Boyce
Reviewed on Google – July 2017

Best cheese steaks & hoagies in the tri state area. Truck driver approved.

Stephen Biello
Reviewed on Google – October 2017

When I’m in the area I stop. That simple. Friggin Fantastic.

Henry Ammon
Reviewed on Google – October 2017

Best sandwiches in town. The small is Big enough for 2 people.

Dean Golding
Reviewed on Google – September 2017

Food here is fantastic. One of the best delis in the region.

Reviewed on YellowPages – 08/10/2008

Absolutely the best Cheesesteaks …. great subs …. Without doubt the best cheese steaks. I have eaten Pat’s, Gino’s, Jimmy’s in Philly and this Jersey place tops them all. Jimmy’s had best taste in steak but expensive. Gino’s and Pat’s are tourist traps ….small sandwiches / high prices. All have good rolls. At the Italian kitchen you get a 18″ roll stuffed (some buy extra roll and share the fillings) with great tasting steak with your choice of cheese, onion, mushroom, peppers, or sauce. Bruce Willis affirms them #1 and so do I.

Shana Walther – Clifton, NJ
Reviewed on Facebook – 9/4/2017

The Italian Kitchen catered our wedding BBQ this weekend and we’ve heard nothing but rave reviews from all of our friends and family. Shawn and Shelly did an amazing job setting up, serving and organizing the whole day. They relieved so much stress the moment they showed up by helping to direct our guests and making sure we never ran out of anything! We’re very happy we decided to go with The Italian Kitchen as our caterers and would recommend them to anyone who’s looking!

Frank D. – King of Prussia, PA
Reviewed on Yelp –  4/3/2017

Had to go to Pennsville on business and a friend said to stop at the Italian Kitchen for a Great cheesesteak.  He did not lie.  The steak was terrific and I met one of the owners, very nice guy.  If I lived in this area I would never see a reason to eat anywhere else.  The young ladies who were working were also very nice and friendly which is not always the case at other places.  The steak that I had would easily sell for $10.00 in and around Philly but was a mere $7.00 here.  I will make the trip again just to eat here.

Linda Molie
Reviewed on Google – August 2017

Stunning incredible very reasonably priced cakes!! All the baked goods are incredible. Easily the best bakery in the lower Jersey Delaware area. I ordered a cake to congratulate my daughter it was incredible. The marble cake was moist and delicious and the cake was beautifully decorated!! Best cake I have custom ordered from anywhere so far!! Would also recommend the Red Velvet cupcakes and deli food very generous portions. If you like baked goods this is a must stop destination.

John G. – Galloway, NJ
Reviewed on Yelp – 9/28/2015

Talk about fantastic!! This place has it. I am totally hooked on their Italian hoagie Stromboli slice. It is basically the makings of an Italian hoagie in Stromboli bread. Delicious. My buddy got a turkey and cheese sandwich. He loved it, he got the basic hoagie and had to take the half home. Did I mention the prices. VERY REASONABLE. You can take everybody out to lunch here and not go broke. I have been to their other location in Carney’s Point Twp. Both excellent. Put this place on your list for regular eat in or take out subs, pizza, deli, and etc. Oh, they have baked good and general store type stuff. plus lottery. You can’t be that!!

L4110CDbrianb – Pennsville, NJ
Reviewed on Trip Advisor – 8/9/2017

Italian Kitchen catering and cakes. We have used Italian Kitchen catering numerous times for special occasions. Their food is consistently excellent and they can create a cake for any occasion. We recently used them for my daughters baby shower and we were very pleased with the cake they provided. Additionally, their pizza and sandwiches are fantastic !!

Dave Shuman
Reviewed on Google – 2016

Awesome home-grown place that’s been a staple to the area for as long as I’ve been alive. HUGE delicious cheesesteaks and subs. Great woopie pies if that’s the right name for the devils food cake with cream sandwich things lol. Bacon, egg, cheese on a fresh kaiser roll is fantastic too.

Reviewed on Zomato – 8/25/2011

When I moved to Salem county, I would ask people where i can get a really good cheessteak. All of them told me the Italian kitchen on hook road. So I gave it a shot and it truly is the best cheesesteak! They load it up with meat and cheese! I always pick one up before heading to a phillies game!

Eric Malone
Reviewed on Google – October 2016

All of the overrated cheese steak joints in Philly should come over to Jersey and get the cheese steak from Italian Kitchen. The flavor is so amazing and the small is enough for 2 People. I live in Brooklyn and always stop by when I am on a road trip passing through.

Keli Copeland
Reviewed on Google – June 2017

Order absolutely anything with grilled chicken.  It’s so tender and juicy and flavorful.  My favorites are the strawberry salad with grilled chicken and the grilled chicken wrap.  Fast and friendly service, too!

Charlie Jennifer
Reviewed on Google – April 2017

Huge sandwiches. Meatballs are great for entertaining…buy a tray and freeze…we live 45 minutes away & make the drive when we have company.

Joe Starcevich
Reviewed on Google – 2016

The best cheesesteak in town, without a doubt. You get over a foot of steak filled to the brink of bursting the roll, for cheap.

Elizabeth Bosset
Reviewed on Google – October 2017

So much awesome specialty food here, things you can’t get everywhere. Awesome staff.