Italian Kitchen will allow your organization to sell coupons to redeem for a small American, Italian, Turkey, Ham, Roast Beef, Tuna or Meatball sandwich. Italian Kitchen will charge your organization $6.00 for each redeemed coupon. Our suggested retail price would be $8.00 per coupon. The coupons are redeemable at both Italian Kitchen and Roman Pantry. Your organization would then make $2.00 per sold coupon. Most sub sales run over a two month period.


You will fill out an application form and then call 856-678-2098 and make an appointment to come in and meet with us to discuss the program and get approval for your organization to begin a sub sale. Your sub sale dates are determined and set at this time.


Your organization then creates a coupon following our example coupon as a model. After the coupons are created they must be brought in to be approved by Italian Kitchen. At the conclusion of your sub sale Italian Kitchen will tally your coupons and give you a total which must be paid within TWO weeks after the conclusion of your sub sale.
Sample of Sub Sale Ticket

There no minimum number of coupons to sell in order to participate. Most small organizations sell approximately 100-150 tickets while large organizations sell upwards of 600 tickets. Other types of sub sales require purchasing food ahead of time or selling pre-orders, along with the need for distribution point and only one set time to pick up subs. Sub coupons are easy to sell; customers prefer to purchase items th at support local business which they can redeem at their convenience.